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Brian Raszka

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Senior Art Director

Brian Raszka was born an artist in a rural Connecticut household. Curious by nature, young Raszka explored the natural world around him with an inescapable urge to examine, question, understand, and capture it all on canvas.

Brian’s artistic interests grew over time, collecting momentum as they carried him to the University of Connecticut where he earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree. Post graduation, his career launched in the packaging design field with clients who included Bayer, Jello and Black Flag.

But curiosity is a powerful thing and with his career just underway, Brian took a year off to explore the world. Travels through the great museums of Europe, ancient ruins of Greece, temples of Thailand, spice markets of India, jungles of Indonesia, peaks of Nepal, pyramids of Egypt, and time with the Maori tribes of New Zealand, blokes of Australia and cannibal cultures of Fiji did not diminish his curiosity. In fact, his travels ignited his passion for the natural world and interest in artistic interpretations of his surroundings.

Upon his return to the U.S., Brian settled on the West Coast and built a successful graphic design and illustration business, first on his own and then for various marketing agencies. His client roster has expanded to include the healthcare, gaming, entertainment, higher education and technology sectors.

Equally comfortable designing with a pencil, paintbrush or computer mouse, Brian is also an avid photographer and painter. His award chest is full including regional and national American Advertising Awards (formerly the ADDYs), Print’s Regional Design Annual, 3×3 Magazine’s 6th Annual Pro Show Select, American Illustration: 27 +28, Society Of Illustrators of Los Angeles-Illustration West 35 and 45 and San Francisco Society of Illustrators. His artwork has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Bon Appetit, and National Public Radio’s calendar.

When he isn’t making art for his clients, Brian still enjoys creating art for himself, exploring the Sierra Nevada mountains via bicycle with his wife, cooking and reading.

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