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Terri Ogden

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Director of Client Services

When things need to get done, see Terri. When deadlines are looming, see Terri. When there is a challenge that needs a creative solution, see Terri. With more than 18 years of experience in advertising, marketing and broadcast television, Terri is our clients’ go-to resource for, well, for just about anything.

As Director of Client Services at Estipona Group, Terri has her hand in every aspect of the agency’s work. She helps clients articulate their needs and goals, and works with them to develop marketing strategies; she keeps the creative team informed, on budget and on deadline; she develops customized marketing programs and negotiates killer rates for her clients; and she provides market research and analysis. In other words, she gets the ball rolling and keeps it moving in the right direction.

What makes Terri such a valuable asset to both her Estipona Group team and her clients is the breadth and depth of her experience on the client, agency and media sides. She joined Estipona Group after working with CTV Media, Inc. for nine years. Terri served as a media planner and buyer, managing national sales campaigns with multi-million dollar budgets for a wide variety of clients including, women’s retailer Lane Bryant, Simon Malls, EA Sport, KFC, Arby’s, McDonald’s and Marie Callender’s (yep, a lof of fast food), Israel Ministry of Tourism and Suzuki North America.

Prior to working with CTV Media, Terri was a TV news producer for CBS affiliates in Reno and Las Vegas, and worked as an account coordinator and production manager at a Reno-based advertising agency where she serviced clients including, Q&D Construction, University of Nevada, and Dickson Realty.

A nearly native Nevadan, Terri is a graduate of the University of Nevada’s Reynolds School of Journalism. She left the area for eight years so her husband could follow his dream of studying at Ohio State University to become an optometrist. While there, Terri had her second child and became a Buckeyes fan, but ultimately, the call of the Pack was too strong. In 2014, Terri returned to Reno and her Wolf Pack with her husband, two daughters, a cat and a dog in tow.

When she isn’t making her clients’ dreams a reality, you’ll find this devoted mom and wife leading her daughters’ Girl Scout troop, giving her time to organ transplant organizations in honor of her late sister, and planning the reunion tour of Wii Rock Band group Waiting Snuggle Kittens.

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