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Sarah Nguyen

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Submitted by jshelton on Thu, 02/25/2021 - 14:44
Marketing Analytics Specialist

Sarah Nguyen is one of those rare types who finds immense comfort in the unknown.

And for someone who spends her days digging through layers of complex analytics, researching ever-evolving algorithms and beta-testing new technologies, she spends her days at the Estipona Group perfectly comfortably uncomfortable.

She is using this affinity for tackling the kinds of challenges that leave others banging heads against walls (literal or otherwise) to her advantage in her role of Marketing Analytics Specialist, a new position at the Estipona Group which has been tailored to her unique skills. And “unique” may be a vast understatement, as Sarah earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Communication from Regis University in Denver with a minor in French – only to end up using these language skills to talk data, metrics and analytics.

Sarah is largely self-taught, having discovered in a previous digital marketing position that she could acquire the skills and depth of knowledge she needed by seeking out every opportunity to independently conduct research, gaining expert insights from industry blogs and by shadowing mentors, binge-watching tutorials and signing up for countless online training programs. With this initiative, she has fundamentally transformed her career trajectory, moving from positions in sales and social media to pioneering campaign optimization for conversions across multiple channels like SEM, paid social and SEO.

While Sarah mostly works behind-the-scenes on behalf of Estipona Group clients, she meets daily with the team to lend her expertise in keyword research, segment targeting and schema markup. She compiles detailed reporting on paid and organic campaigns, analyzes digital and social performance and dives into Google Analytics in order to optimize client websites.

Sarah is the founder of the Estipona Group’s brand new Colorado branch – which is to say she is leading a team of one (plus one furry and four-legged employee named Mochi) from her home office located in Denver. When she’s not analyzing client tactics or learning skills from tutorials, she is playing volleyball, conversing in Vietnamese with her grandmother and learning new sports – like a recent new addition to her athletic repertoire called spike ball.

Sarah’s father is one of 12 children, and her mom is one of eight. And while she only has three siblings herself, she has 60 cousins total, 30 from each side of her family — many of them close to her in age, and most of them close to her Denver home. She attributes much of her driven personality to this family dynamic, noting that getting attention among so many cousins took patience, perseverance — and a dedicated commitment to speaking up.

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