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Putt-Putt Tournament

Thank you to the 2018 Sponsors!
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WHAT: 2nd Annual Estipona Group Charity Putt-Putt Classic

WHEN: Wed, May 30, 2018, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM 

WHERE: Magic Carpet Golf, 6925 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89511

WHY: Party it up on the AstroTurf with your pals while you raise money for the Domestic Violence Resource Center (formerly CAAW) 

While only a year in, we believe we have created the most epic fundraising event of all time. Yes, we speak of the Estipona Group Charity Putt-Putt Classic. Beg to differ? Well, you can only judge after you've participated in the event. Conveniently, we've give you options on how to do just that. (We are soooo accommodating.)


Gather a team of 4 to 6 players. Maybe they’re good at golf. Maybe they’re good at drinking beer. Maybe they can rock those knickers. Just make sure you surround yourself with people you can endure for 18 holes of pure putt-putt magic.

Pick a team name (creativity will be “rewarded”; and yes, the “air quotes” are intentional there). Then dress in costume to reflect your awesome team moniker — doesn’t matter if the costumes are super-simple or elaborate, just make sure you can swing a putter and see clearly for maximum hole-in-oneage potential.

Cost for a team is $150*

What you get:

  • 18 holes of the finest Magic Carpet Miniature Golf — best ball format.
    (Did we lose you there? No worries, we’ll explain all the details at the event.)
  • Pizza and beer/wine
    We understand that is just a warm up for many of you. Especially if pizza and beer make your game better (or worse).
  • Prizes!
    No good at golf? No problem. We likely have an award for you. Oh, and expect us to ask you to do silly things along the way — joyful compliance is expected, nay, required.



Really? You want the rules for a miniature golf tournament. Oh, you’re that kind of player. Well, here you go.


How to register:

Ready to goof around with friends for a great cause? Super, let’s get you signed up!


*What do we do with your money?
Estipona Group is committed to helping the residents of northern Nevada. This year's proceeds will go to Domestic Violence Resource Center (formerly CAAW).




For 2018, as part of our #25Years25Deeds campaign to celebrate Estipona Group’s 25 years in business, we’re upping the ante. Not only will the fun increase by a factor of six (no, not seven, easy does it), we also hope to triple our fundraising efforts — doing even more good for the Truckee Meadows. In celebration of our 25th year, all of our sponsorship levels end in “25”. And you, friend, can help! To that end, we present the 2018 Estipona Group Charity Putt-Putt Classic Sponsor Opportunities:

1. Handicap sponsor – 5 available @ $325 each

If you participated in the 2017 Putt-Putt Classic, you may recall (or not, depending upon your beer consumption) certain holes had additional challenges, like putting with a blindfold or using a broom in lieu of a putter. Now you or your company can be responsible for players’ delight and/or nightmares with new and exciting hole handicaps. Your designated handicap and signage will appear on each putt-putt course where players will be spending an extended period of time as they put their best putt forward to tackle the challenge.

Company receives:

  • One team entry (4-6 players)

  • Input determining hole handicap and naming it

  • Signage at hole

  • Recognition on the Estipona Group website

  •  Regular social media shout-outs leading up to event

2. Hole Lotta Love sponsor - 14 available @ $225 each

Each hole of the course that does not have a handicap can be sponsored. Let putt-putters know that you are committed to battling homelessness in Reno — and that you have legit love for mini golf. Your logo will appear at your sponsored hole.

Company receives:

  • One team entry (4-6 players)
  • Signage at hole
  • Recognition on the Estipona Group website
  • Regular social media shout-outs leading up to event

3. Watering Hole sponsor - 1 available @ $525

We all know why people show up for the Putt-Putt Classic: It’s the worthy cause, fine mini golf, great company, friendly competition and tasty pizza, right? Let’s be honest, people show up to drink booze on a school night. Now you can be the reason they show up as the beer and wine sponsor. You will be soooooo popular.

Company receives:

  • One team entry (4-6 players)
  • Signage at bar (which will be well frequented)
  • Recognition on the Estipona Group website
  • Regular social media shout-outs leading up to event

4. Wicked Slice sponsor - 2 available @ $425

Man and woman cannot putt-putt on grit and determination alone. Our pizza sponsor ensures that players are well-fed and happy by supplying delicious slices.

Company receives:

  • One team entry (4-6 players)
  • Signage at food distribution point
  • Recognition on the Estipona Group website
  • Regular social media shout-outs leading up to event



Mikalee Byerman
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