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Stautzenberger College

Confessions Campaign
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Increase enrollment at a career college with a varied student body that enrolls for a variety of reasons.


Our research revealed that potential career college students had a variety of motivations for enrolling in a school like Stauzenberger College. There were high school graduates looking to get trained for the workforce quickly. There were those tired of dead-end jobs and stalled career growth, and those who just wanted to change careers. Others in the target audience had tried the traditional college route and failed.

Through the Confessions campaign, each of these target groups — represented by a newly enrolled student — could freely and openly “confess” personal reasons for enrolling with the comfort of anonymity. The spots give viewers permission to consider their own circumstances and how they might make a change for the better, too. Campaign tools included commercials designed around specific program enrollment aired on broadcast TV and through social media.



  • With a Facebook spend that averaged 20% lower than previous campaign videos, click-throughs still increased by an average of 390%.

Site visits

  • During the first two months of the campaign, site visits were up 32% with direct URL visits up 124%.

Yes, we did get some flak for the anthropology comment. Ok, a lot of flak. (And a little from pig farmers and European history professors, too.) But those providing this impassioned “input” were not our target. We knew our target audience was not interested in a four-year college or a liberal arts degree. In this age when individuals are subject to a non-stop media assault, we consider it a win when we can engage an audience with a message powerfully enough to get them to call, click, write, or even yell in response.

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